Ghadef through its services is dedicated to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable communities in the target population through education, identification, and implementation, as well as ignite the passion to recognize the importance of entrepreneurship in the Southern Cameroons.


Ghadef over the last four years has made donations of used computers and related accessories to the sum of about $40.000 dollars and were on track to double such over the next two years.

The scope will be properly defined based on its ongoing projects, but generally will on-board evolving social change models to integrate index communities with operational support, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as incorporate standard and emerging technologies into its work when appropriate.


Ghadef is committed to transform and empower communities through education, skill training, problem identification, project implementations, as well as ignite the passion to recognize the importance of entrepreneurship.

Ghadef brings training opportunities for new skills and fresh perspectives to mitigate the effect of poverty, lack of transparency, and opposition to change, on the public health and educational systems,  stalled community development programs and projects, as it deepens and widens the social and behavioral change pipeline in the Southern Cameroons.

Ghadef will encourage and support entrepreneurship in alternative and affordable methods of energy, agriculture, housing, and transportation in the communities of its target population.

Ghadef will incorporate standard and emerging technologies into its work when appropriate, thereby improving the likelihood of accomplishing its mission. This will be utilized more effectively to benefit the organization and communities that will be served.


Our support for innovative ideas will open new doors to more efficient, flexible, culturally competent, and service-oriented program participants, sister organizations, public health systems, and community development programs in interested communities in its target population.

Our interests and efforts towards innovations will be largely related to issues that will directly elevate the standards of living and improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable groups in its target population.

Our innovations should be affordable and sustainable by the benefiting local communities with the use of local resources to the largest extent possible.

Service Providers

In order to offer these services, Ghadef is recruiting competent and experienced individuals, as well as interested volunteers who share similar visions with our organization. These individuals will come from the community and surrounding areas who have achieved personal and professional successes in their lives.

As a non-profit organization, Ghadef will sort and partner with organizations that primarily provide services similar to, and in line with its mission, vision, and values.

Partnering Organizations

Each of the partners will bring a specific skill and expertise to an indexing program and will be tasked with a specific scope of work during the project.

Defining desired training and awareness with an ethical, professional, and developmental approach will be an important part of our program participants and sister organizations.