The mission of Ghadef is to to make a positive difference in the lives of the most vulnerable communities of the Southern Cameroons sequel to, and entangled in the ongoing conflict, genocide, war, and/or man-made humanitarian disaster.

Making a difference connotes educating the index population and its willing next generation, on the impact of poverty as well as the lack of social justice and transparency in its community.

Ghadef will empower its target population through provision of community-oriented services based on a reliable needs assessments that will identify, support, develop, and implement programs that will alleviate the impact of the humanitarian disaster on the health and educational outcomes of the most vulnerable groups in its target population.

Ghadef is poised through its programs, to trump the spirit of fear, and empower that of love and power with emotional and mental balance, bringing imaginations to fruition.

The Purpose: To create awareness through educational programs and reliable scientific research on the impact of poverty, lack of transparency, drive, and social justice on the health and educational systems; including community development projects in Southern Cameroons promoting informed and logical choices.

The Business: Built on a dynamic platform, the business of Ghadef  is not only to mitigate the impact of poverty, lack of transparency, drive, and social justice on the health and educational systems through education, identification, and implementation of approved programs, but also to ignite the passion in interested individuals to recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and delve into novel and alternative sources of basic and affordable energy, agricultural methods, housing, and other new concepts, for wealth creation and sustainability of their communities.

The Values: Creating confident, competent, obedient, and emotionally intelligent individuals, void of fear but full of love and power with mental and emotional balance.