Geographic Information Systems

The interest of GHADEF on the Geographic information systems is defined by its obsession to promote the confidence and quality of life in our communities through transparency. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) when implemented give the users an endless ability to access and display real-time data, project status, controls and updates in any data-driven discipline.

A geographic information system (GIS) utilizes hardware and software, to integrate and capture data for management, analysis, display of all forms of geographically referenced information aspect of concern. The GIS technology involves using locational data to perform geographic analyses and/or to create visual outputs such as maps. it is part of a larger emerging new science with the ability to show the results of complex analyses through maps effective for remote sensing.

GIS will benefit almost every organization, as GIS-based maps and visualizations may transform the understanding of situations, improving communication between different teams, organizations, and the public. It is a powerful tool for data management and is excellent in not only making decisions but making correct decisions about location, which is critical to the success of any organization. It could be highly cost-effective and efficient and offers a new approach to management- managing geographically

GIS technology can be used in developing countries to monitor public health, public safety, territorial administration, surveys, building, and construction projects in every department. It may range from road constructions through office building projects, internal security, and border patrol.

The article on the next page depicts the possibilities associated with the GIS systems in the public health sector and will be the standard for proposal submissions that will be accepted by GHADEF. This proposal was a fellowship submission authored by Dr. Akere Anyangwe to the Open Society Foundation (OSF) of New York, in 2013. It is currently being evaluated and investigated by GHADEF for execution in the near future.