GHADEF is a non-profit organization with a vision to identify, support, develop, implement, and evaluate programs and products to mitigate the impact of poverty, thereby empowering the most vulnerable and willing populations.

GHADEF will identify and target up to 25 groups or 250-500 interested individuals over the first quarter of every financial year [Jan-Dec] with cost-effective programs, projects, or products that will empower underprivileged communities, to equip them with the skill, knowledge and technical know-how to achieve prior set goals within the approved time frame.

GHADEF will expand on the successes of local organizations with a wider range of talent and evolving behavioral change models through engagement with a broad network of research and academia, with related organizations and social media sites.

GHADEF has the expertise to onboard evolving social change models to integrate index communities with operational support, monitoring, and evaluation. These innovations will open new doors to more efficient, flexible, and culturally competent support to program participants and sister organizations.

Ghadef will actively implementing effective technological processes, policies and systems to manage information and proprietary technology with regards to confidentiality, safety, accuracy, integrity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Ghadef is capable of incorporating standard and emerging technologies into its work as appropriate, thereby improving the likelihood of achieving its mission. This will be utilized more effectively to benefit the organization and communities served.

The focus of this transformation is not only to improve and empower communities, but also to ignite the passion in interested individuals to recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and delve into novel and alternative sources of basic and affordable energy, agricultural methods, housing, and logistics in general, for wealth creation and sustainability of their communities

Leading this transformation and initiative was Akere Anyangwe (MD, MPH, IT Systems architect), who founded Ghadef in April of 2013 after acknowledging and recognizing the need to empower vulnerable populations within communities. This acknowledgment is a result of an extensive experience working in resource-limited parts of sub-Saharan Africa as a physician for over 9 years, in comparison with his transformation through public health bioinformatics to an IT Engineer and Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience in North America.