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When the vision to create the Global Health and Development Foundation (GHADEF) was evolving, it brought together concerned and interested individuals who acknowledged the fact that, despite the emergence of new health challenges, there are still traditional challenges such as the devastating impact of poverty and the lack of transparency on the public health systems to the health outcomes of the most vulnerable populations.


Contrary to popular belief that the primary responsibility to mitigate the impact of poverty and lack of transparency on our public systems is that of the government, it is evident that governments, especially those of the developing world are not vested in their populations and thus do not have a system in place. With no system in place, the skills, tools, resources, or knowledge to effect change are not evolving and such governments may not believe in the vision to promote openness, communication, and accountability.


The utilization of the term government in this documentation does not apply to any existing government in place, but reflects a system that is being perpetuated by even the most concerned individuals with the potential and interests of becoming public figures or governments officials by virtue of their qualification.


In as much as there are things in life that can be given up effortlessly, there are also those things that will take every ounce of grace and energy to let go. Such include the status quo in most public health systems, especially those in sub-Saharan African countries. Change will require the participation of each and every one in the communities that are willing and able.


With the understanding that public health is a fundamental human right, it is imperative for us as advocates of the global public health systems, to provide our communities with the skill, tools, resources, and/or knowledge to effect change and believe in the vision to promote openness, communication, and accountability, in order to mitigate the impact of poverty and lack of transparency on our public health systems.


The focus of this transformation has now shifted over time to not only mitigate the impact of poverty and lack of transparency on our public systems, but also to ignite the passion in interested individuals to recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and delve into novel and alternative sources of basic and affordable energy, agricultural methods, housing, to name but a few, for wealth creation sustainability of their communities


Leading the initiation of this transformation was Akere Anyangwe (MD,MPH, OCA), who founded GHADEF in April of 2013 after he recognized the need to empower the most vulnerable populations and interested individuals of the community from an extensive experience working in resource limited parts of sub-Saharan Africa as a physician for over 9 years, in comparison with his transformation through public health bioinformatics to an IT Engineer and Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience in North America.


GHADEF was founded in April of 2013 as a non-profit organization and is poised to grow in its ability to support development, empower communities for sustainability, and improve the quality of life, in our most willing and vulnerable populations.

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