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GHADEF is a non-profit organization with a vision to identify, support, develop, implement, and evaluate programs and products to mitigate the impact of poverty, thereby empowering the most vulnerable and willing populations.


GHADEF is a multi-faceted non-profit organization targeting groups and interested individuals to incorporate attainable and sustained interests in developing and designing alternative, novel, and affordable methods of  energy, agriculture, housing, and transportation.


The purpose is to equip interested individuals with valuable skills to become more education-focused, and well informed on impact of poverty and lack of community sustainability, in order to improve their ability to support and lead healthy, fulfilling and enterprising lives.


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Our Mission


The mission of GHADEF is to to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable communities in our given target population, educating such and its willing next generation, on the impact of poverty, lack of transparency, and the lack of drive on the public health system and on community development projects in sub-Saharan Africa and to promote informed and logical choices.

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Our Vision


The vision of GHADEF is to replicate sustainable and transparent communities that understand the impact of poverty on its public health systems and community development programs, promoting openness, communication, and accountability in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Our Goals


GHADEF will on-board nouvelle social change models to integrate index communities, expand on the successes of local organizations with a wider range of talent and evolving behavioral change models, as well as utilize an integrated approach to diversity across all its activities to bring new skills and fresh perspectives to initiate social change and promote transparent and sustainable communities experiencing healthy lives and ageing gracefully.

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